Sandwich Club, Robot


Technologic innovation for better food and benefit society

Through our innovative project of Robotic Club Sandwich Restaurant, we are convinced that we can improve the life of each other : eat better food and enjoy a more balanced life.



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1st Restaurant in Brussels


"Humanoid and Collaborative Robotics for quality food and improvement of working conditions"

We use Collaborative Robotics associated with a Humanoid Robot equipped with AI, to welcome, take the customer’s order and carry out his Club Sandwich.
We have developed specific systems and programs for dosing, toasting and distributing food.
The coordination of Robots and different systems has been the subject of research and development in computer science



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1st Restaurant in Brussels


"Popularize a snack prepared in luxury hotels through tasty recipes at a very affordable price "

In our future restaurants, our robots, Sand and Wich will work together or alone to prepare the best club Sandwiches for you. Fantastic recipes developed by our chefs and in partnership with the Entegra Company for access to a quality sandwich and optimization of prices and logistics.
Fantastic spaces where employees, thanks to robotization, will focus on customer service and management for the greater good of our customers and our operating margins.



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Robots at the service of society

The use of robots in the kitchen allows our concept to reach an unparalleled level of productivity: speed, zero errors, reliability of the workforce, perfect adaptability to attendance. This has the positive consequence of a profitability very much higher than the average for fast food.
However, this is not without certain consequences, particularly social ones, the robot is sympathetic to everyone but when it concerns employment, it is feared and the center of controversy that it is important to take into consideration.

It is for this reason that we decided to set up our BENEFIT SOCIETY by explaining that the robot is there to carry out the most difficult and thankless tasks and leaves employees the most rewarding jobs by improving their daily lives.

The implementation of robots allows us to generate higher profits and will allow us to offer a better working environment. No work in the production line, shortened hours allowing everyone to devote more time to their personal life.

We plan to offer a 4 days paid work contract 5, to allow employees to invest in their family, their hobbies, social works and / or volunteering.


Collaborative, talented and multidisciplinary

Yves and Karin Philippart are business leaders, they bring the idea and the project, they ensure the creation, development and operation of the brand, while contributing to the development of the technologies used by the concepts store. Entrepreneurs, they have also successively held positions of Head of Salesin industry and CEO in Automotive Distribution for Yves and Sales and Marketing Manager at JC Decaux for Karin. Karin is at your disposal to answer your questions and more particularly to product and marketing questions. Yves is at your disposal to explain our project in more detail and in particular questions concerning technology and finance. Supported by the Walloon Region, they worked during these 2 years in close collaboration with Hénallux, Entegra, RD Automation and QOD to develop S&W.

Hénallux (Engineering school) carried out research within its robotics department (teacher-researchers and Doctor of robotics)

Entegra with which we have signed a partnership contract brings us its skills in food logistics and helps us to compose the recipes of the Sandwich Clubs.

The Wallonie Region has supported our project from the start by providing the necessary subsidies in addition to our financial contribution.

RD Automation has realised the prototype

Qod helps us in Marketing and Communication


We are a startup drived by a fantastic team to improve the quality of fast food and the living of the workers.


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